"I have been a client of Jennifer's for nearly a decade.  Thanks to her intuitive, compassionate, and effective healing modalities I have been able to grow and thrive through some of life's most difficult lessons.  Her presence and approach are always supportive yet constructive in helping me navigate what is currently ailing me mentally, physically, or spiritually."-K.S., CT

"Amazing work for back pain. Cupping and Tuina sessions really helped me get back my mobility, so I can be more active."-J.C., CT

“I felt relief, and I would definitely go for more treatments.   I was feeling a lot of pain in my upper back, shoulder, and neck pain for over 10 years, and I felt immediate relief within one session.  Jennifer described the process, which made me feel comfortable and less apprehensive during the session because it was a new experience for me.” -M.P., FL

“Simply put, Jennifer treats ‘you.’  It’s the you that you live in and are a part of but she sees ‘you’ differently. Her treatment is an experience that surrounds you with the energy and elements necessary to undergo healing. She introduces techniques and practices that clearly treat the affected areas, but with many things in the body, it is all connected. To effectively do this, one must listen. She knows how to do this, and she practices it every day. Experience for yourself. Highly recommend!”-C.A., NY

“I had pain in my right quad since I was 13 years old.  I'd always been active, but it'd bother me when dancing, playing sports, and even just going up and down the stairs.  After seeing Jennifer, the pain was gone. ”-C.J.-NY

 “I don't know how Jennifer did it all, but I was able to walk later in the evening and actually got to dance. I’m surprised and happy.  I was also able to walk today, too.  She is one of the best therapists, I’ve ever had. The fact that she fixed my limping leg in 2 days...  Seriously, that's amazing!  The best therapist experience. -TL, CA

"I’ve been getting sessions with Jennifer on and off for quite some time. Life has taken me to many places, but one thing that remains constant is Jennifer’s passion for healing. With her caring attitude, her extensive knowledge in healing,  spirituality, physical and emotional modalities, I’ve felt I could handle what life has thrown my way." -K.G., NY

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